Update on the legal battles to ensure that Donald Trump is on the California Presidential Primary Ballot next March. By way of a reminder there is two different legal paths the attorneys are pursuing – Federal Court and State Court. State Court legal action: Today the California GOP argued before the California Supreme Court why SB27 violates the California Constitution. In summary, the judges told the attorneys for the CAGOP that they argued their case very persuasively while the judges told the California Attorney General that they did not understand his arguments that the legislature somehow has a power to pass the laws that they want regardless of what the California Constitution says. Federal Court legal action: Yesterday that state of California filed its opening brief before the 9th Circuit. In its brief the state basically admitted to the court that by the time that the court is able to rule on this case, it will be too late to enforce this law for the 2020 elections. Since the Federal District Judge has already entered an injunction to stop the law from going into effect and the state has not filed an emergency request for the Ninth Circuit to overturn the injunction … I believe it is safe to say that Donald Trump will be on your California Presidential Primary Ballot this March. HOWEVER if you want to vote for President Trump in the primary, you must be a registered Republican. Please share to get this important news out that the California legislature has failed to stop Trump from being on the ballot.

Posted by Mark Meuser on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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