Let’s make sure the SacCountyGOP helps re-elect the 45th President to a second term! By supporting our GOTV program, we can turn out voters for President Trump, which will help elect Republicans at the local, state, and federal levels as well!

Join the 45² Club by donating $45 at least twice up until Election Day! Funds will be used to inform voters, including sending out a Voter Guide to all 200,000+ Republicans in the County – if we can raise $45,000!

Those who donate $45 will receive a special 45² hat, and your second donation of $45 will get you a gorgeous shirt! These are only available to people in the 45² Club! Members will also be invited to SacCountyGOP Watch Parties, at no cost!

Use the form below to join the 45² Club!


Recent 45² Club Members:

  • Ruth Alexander
  • Janet Anderson
  • Janice Anderson
  • Iola Bartlett
  • Chuck Betzler
  • Nick Bloise
  • Brett Braidman
  • Bill Cardoza
  • Elena Cariaga
  • Nina Caron
  • Sarah Couch
  • Patsy Dixon
  • James Doremus
  • Bryan Ginter
  • Leslie Ginter
  • Frank Goehringer
  • Philip Hall
  • Tamika Hamilton
  • Wade Hobbs
  • Elijah Jakowitz
  • Karen Klinger
  • S.E. Lewis
  • Anna Lopez
  • Cynthia Luellen
  • Joshua Mabie
  • Betsy Mahan
  • Marilou Manela
  • Sue Mason
  • Rob Olmstead
  • Rita Piziali
  • Bob Schmidt
  • Max Semenenko
  • Jon Sloan
  • Dean Tally
  • Carrie Yeager

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