Re-Election of Donald Trump

News from the campaign for Sacramento voters.

Let’s Get This Done Sacramento!

You Can Make The Difference

In 2016, 190,000 voters in Sacramento County voted to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States. Our goal is to increase those numbers in 2020. Are you with us?

Engage Your Neighbor

Become A Resource Volunteer

Meet the Republicans in your neighborhood and serve as a valuable resource for them during the 2020 Election.

Spread the News

Communicate Beyond Your Circle of Friends

Share Videos from the Trump Campaign – View them here

Social Media, Letters to the Editor, and speaking out at community events. It all helps!

Visit the Talk About It page for talking points and more!

Donate 45!

Printed Materials, Phone Banks, and Community Event Booths – This Costs Money!
Any amount helps.
Consider donating $45 today to SacCountyGOP’s 2020 Victory Fund!

Time Till Re-Election Day!








There’s always more that can be done…

Volunteer Opportunities

The 2020 Election has already begun. Since the Presidential Primary takes place in March, the calendar has moved up and we need to be engaging voters now!

Learn about the many ways you can help re-elect the President, and other Republicans at the federal, state and local levels.

Just in case they’re right this time…

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Daily Trump Approval Ratings and more

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